• “The question is, what’s the story you want to tell?” says Andre Teelen, owner and founder of TLN Media BV in The Netherlands. “The medium says a lot about the message you want to convey.” After studying cultural management at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, followed by years working at the NPS (now NTR). Thanks to years of experience producing television for both national and international audiences, Andre is an outstanding people manager thanks to his pragmatic approach and helicopter view to approaching challenges. He has access to some of the best camera crews in the field thanks to his extensive network and implements the crew best-suited for the particular project.

    “A picture can tell more than a thousand words and what I find good about the Internet is that the viewer is used to less quality in theory. These days the techniques are so brilliant that you can make the most beautiful things. All the techniques are there just to do the best.  In the old days it used to be too expensive to make a fim for the Internet, but nowadays it’s all about the craftsmanship.”